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Fair Trade is a business practice that seeks to provide just compensation and better working conditions for craftspeople in developing countries.

Based on a direct and cooperative relationship between buyer and seller, fair trade provides economically marginalized artisans an opportunity to earn vital income and improve their quality of life by providing a sustainable market for their handcrafted products. By supporting fair trade, you are directly empowering the formerly powerless, and allowing them to develop their traditional skills and promote their artistry.


LuzLuna Imports has personal and lasting relationships with many of its suppliers, spending time with many artisans, co-ops, and families.

Our History

LuzLuna Imports is owned by Guatemala native Gina Fisher. She was inspired to open the shop after her sister, Luz, started helping the survivors of Hurricane Stan, which hit Guatemala and El Salvador in 2005, devastating communities. Luz, for whom the shop is named, started working with a co-op, recruiting women—many of them widows of the storm—to learn or utilize skills that could help them provide for themselves and their children. She reached out to Gina and others who could sell the women’s wares, and LuzLuna Imports was born.


We have a deep passion and commitment to supporting the cultures of indigenous people around the world, and helping them bring their crafts to a global audience. 

Fair Trade Cooperatives

LuzLuna Imports supports the following cooperatives and artists:

Amano Fair Trade
Asociacion Maya del Desarrollo Co-op
Chonita Creations
Dunitz & Company
Mayan Creations
Mayan Hands
Tinte Maya
Ut’z Bat’z Co-op

Encanto Jewelry

Pampeana Art Glass

Dona Rosa
Far Fetched Jewelry
Manos Zapotecas
Sergio Martinez Weavings

• PERU •
Joobles for Kids
Our Hands for Hope

Sevya Fair Trade Clothing
Noah’s Ark

BNB Crafts
Himal Design
Kathmandu Imports

Marquet Fair Trade
Pilgrim Imports

Global Mamas
Woven Promises


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